HAND & WRIST Massage

Carpal Tunnel Relief Therapy


*CTRT is a Massage Technique focused on relieving chronic pain from hand wrist and forearm issues such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  and Tendonitis (also known as 'Golf Elbow' or 'Tennis Elbow;) --- CTRT a procedure which is designed to alleviate discomfort from muscle inflammation and structural mis-alignment issues. Finally there is a Body Work procedure designed specically for addressing your primary concerns... and it is called Carpal Tunnel Relief Therapy  (tm)


*Guest should expect to participate in six to ten sessions in order to find long-lasting relief.

CTRT can help you find much needed relief from Hand Wrist and Forearm pain caused by work stress  and/or over-use issues.   Carpal Tunnel Relief Therapy is here for you..


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