Beyond Sports Massage

"I am amazed that after only 4 sessions I was able to get back onto the Tennis Court, and  get my life back on track, Thanks to Maurice at Beyond Massage" 

                        -Adam Ruben, Attorney
                                       Del Mar, CA

BEYOND SPORTS MASSAGE: Is everything from sporting event performance improvement to injury rehabilitation. including Pre-Event warm-up to post event rehab. Sports Massage can improve muscle strength and conditioning by increasing and improving muscle tone.  Assisted stretching can aid in increasing flexibility, And Sports Massage can help with injury recovery if needed.  Further, by focusing on increasing ease and comfort in movment and releasing  muscular tension in specific common troubling body spots such as Calves, Hamstings and  I.T. bands - Beyond Sports Massage can be a force multiplier and your secret weapon in increased overall sporting performance.

For Everyone from the Weekend Warrior to the Professional Athlete: